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Re-Fill & Service


The Safety Pelican can help with all your servicing requirements. We take the hassle out of servicing safety equipment.

Our dedicated staff arranges, plan and book a service at our location for consolidated servicing of your multi-brand safety equipment on board. We also perform service visits and monitor subsequent invoices to ensure that you get quality servicing at the right price.

Even where servicing is not a requirement, its recommended that all maritime life-saving equipment and personal protective equipment is regularly serviced by a certified Service Center.



Life rafts on commercial vessels must be serviced annually. Our Service Center stock spare parts to ensure that you can receive fast, convenient servicing. 



Inflatable SOLAS lifejackets must also be serviced once a year.

It’s recommended that all types of lifejackets and personal protective equipment are sent to a certified Service Center for annual service.


Our Certified Service Center has the appropriate tools and spare parts available, as turnaround time is important to our customers. We also have access to continually updated online information and manuals.